Saturday, 8 October 2011

Where it all started

This is snapshot of how my sugar free journey started.
In may this year I was listening to one of my favourite radio shows "conversations with Richard Fiedler" on ABC radio and his guest was David Gillespie the author of Sweet Poison a book on the perils of sugar (fructose being the main villain). Without going into the scientific mumbo jumbo, David expressed in the interview the effects of sugar and I must say this resonated with me in a huge way.
The key thing For me was how sugar muddles our appetite and this constant wanting food without being generally hungry..... put a block of chocolate in front of me..... And watch it go!
The constant craving for sweet things, the mid afternoon low feeling and then the sweet pick me up that lasts a short time....and the cycle continues.
Well I just had to buy the book, my partner and I read both his books and decided to take the sugar free road.
The first thing we did was to clean out the pantry, and I mean clean out....sugar was everywhere, sauces, cereals, snacks, soft drinks .....all the low fat options ....full of sugar, out they went.
We become food label readers and any thing with more than 4gms of sugar per 100gms in any product was out of our grocery list.
We also went down the full fat road, that took some time to get it around our heads with a "low fat mantra" imbedded in our skulls....
Upon staring the sugar free journey we had a few days of highs and lows with the odd headache, I would have to say the sugar detox was not as hard as I thought.
Within a few days our cravings subsided and I knew we were onto something good.

Our results after 12 weeks.

My partner has lost 4kgs (bear in mind her BMI was around 24 and she didn't have much to lose) She has no sweet cravings and her appetite and general well being are excellent.
My results ... I have lost 9kgs and have finally beaten that hungry feeling that seemed to permeate me.
We are both in a normal weight range for our height and feel as good as we ever had.
I would like to thank David Gillespie for showing us the way to a better healthy life.